What conditions, indications or symptoms should I consider making a cannabinoid therapy referral for?

The following list of benefits surrounding medical cannabis has been curated from the best available evidence currently published in medical literature, including key systematic reviews, meta-analyses and randomized control trials. It is important to note that research into the medical uses of cannabis and cannabinoids is constantly evolving, with new and promising data emerging continuously. 

Well-Documented Evidence for Indications for the use of medical cannabis:

  1. Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting
  2. Chronic pain
  3. Epilepsy
  4. HIV/AIDS related Anorexia and Nausea 
  5. Multiple Sclerosis (Pain/Spasticity)
  6. Palliative Care of Cancer patients

Emerging Evidence for Indications for the use of medical cannabis:

  1. Alcohol & Opioid Dependency
  2. Anxiety Disorder
  3. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  4. Headache Disorders/Migraines 
  5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s)
  6. Neurodegenerative Disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)
  7. Spinal Cord Injury
  8. PTSD

Why should I refer patients into the Kesara Wellness network?

Quite simply, members of our clinic network, including Canabo Medical Clinics and GrowWise Health, are at the forefront of patient care in the field of cannabinoid therapy and medical cannabis. 

Our evidence-based approach combines an extensive knowledge base with ongoing, active patient engagement and access to a wide range of product offerings that maximize the success of patient treatment plans. 

Patients referred to our clinics undergo an initial medical examination to assess their needs and suitability for medical cannabis use. If deemed appropriate, the doctor will provide a medical document authorizing the use of medical cannabis. 

Our educators then help patients move through the process of selecting a Licensed Producer (LP) and choosing suitable product offerings.  Our patients are offered guidance on how to administer their medical cannabis treatment and accurately record their experiences so adjustments can be made to their individualized plans. 

Through regular follow up appointments, we ensure that the course of treatment continues to have its desired outcome.

The physicians and cannabinoid educators within the Kesara Wellness network are your partners in providing effective care to your patients.  We work to maintain an open dialogue with the referring physician, sharing treatment plan details and collaborating with you to ensure the patient receives the best comprehensive care possible.

How do I refer a patient into the Kesara Wellness Network?

If you think your patient may benefit from medical cannabis, please complete the Patient Referral Form from the link below.

Patient Referral Form [link to the forms]

Completed forms should be faxed to 1-844-320-9652.

What information is required to refer a patient?

In addition to the consultation referral, all medical records pertaining to your patient’s main diagnosis, including recent consultations with specialists and diagnostic imaging reports.

What routes of administration will be recommended for my patients?

There are numerous routes of administration available. The route of administration used will depend on both physician recommendations and Licensed Producer availability.

Cannabis can be available in the following formats: 

Cannabis Extracts 

Cannabis extracts are products produced by either subjecting cannabis to extraction processing, or synthesizing a substance found in a phytocannabinoid produced by or found in a cannabis plant. 

The most common extract is cannabis oil. The cannabis oil products are usually ingested or inhaled. Cannabis oils provided by a licensed producer cannot be vaporized. 

Cannabis oil can be available in the bottled format, in capsules and oral sprays. The capsule format provides a convenient, consistent and precise dosing experience, while oral sprays offer a discrete and consistent dosing.

Edible Cannabis 

Edible cannabis means a substance or mixture of substances containing any part of a cannabis plant, and that is intended to be consumed in the same manner as food or drinks. Typical products include baked goods, mints, candy, and drinks. 

Dried Cannabis 

Dried cannabis consists of flowers and leaves, and is typically smoked or can be used with a vaporiser or in teas. Smoking is not a recommended method of consumption for medical purposes. 

Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are substances that are intended for use, directly, or indirectly, exclusively on external bodily surfaces, such as, skin, nails, hair, etc. 

How does a patient purchase medical cannabis?

The Cannabis Act now governs regulations from Health Canada for growing, buying and selling all forms of cannabis in Canada. It outlines a system for doctors, patients and large-scale commercial growers. These growers are called Licensed Producers.

Under the regulations, healthcare providers are the only individuals legally able to authorize medical cannabis used by patients. A physician will provide the patient with a Medical Authorization document, indicating the condition being treated, the recommended dosage and the duration of the authorization to procure and use cannabis.

To obtain access to medical marijuana, patients must send their Medical Authorization document to a Licensed Producer, who will then send the filled prescription to the patient via mail or bonded courier. No medical cannabis is available on-site at clinics in our network.

What does the Medical Authorization document cover?

The Medical Authorization document covers basic information such as the daily amount(s) or recommended doses, the duration of the authorization and any restrictions on the type of cannabis to be used. In this regard, it is similar to a prescription.

A sample Medical Authorization document can be accessed on Health Canada’s website.

Is there a maximum period for which a Medical Authorization can be written under the Cannabis Act?

The period of use specified in a medical document must not exceed one year. 

Are there restrictions on the daily amount and the duration for which a medical authorization can be written under the Cannabis Act?

Various surveys published in peer-reviewed literature have suggested that the majority of people using inhaled or orally ingested cannabis for medical purposes reported using approximately 1-3 grams of cannabis per day.
In our experience, most patients will receive maximum benefit from using less than 1 gram a day. There is a public possession cap of the lesser of 150 grams or 30 times the prescribed daily amount. 

How does a patient choose a Licensed Producer?

Licensed Producers offer different medical cannabis products at different prices. A list of all Licensed Producers is available on Health Canada’s website. Kesara Wellness Patient Educators will work with patients to assist in choosing the most appropriate product  from the most appropriate producer.

Are there restrictions on the public possession limit under the Cannabis Act?

Public possession limits for authorized patients who are registered with a federally licensed seller or with Health Canada are the lesser of 150 grams or a 30-day supply of dried cannabis (or the equivalent in cannabis product) in addition to the 30 grams allowed for non-medical purposes.

How long will my patient wait for an appointment?

Wait times vary from location to location depending on referral volume and physician availability. If there is a reason your patient needs to see us more urgently, please call us at 888-282-7763. 

How will I be informed of my patient’s treatment and progress?

The physicians and cannabinoid educators at Kesara Wellness are your partners in providing effective care to your patients. We maintain an open dialogue with the referring physician. Following your patient’s appointment at the Kesara Wellness clinic, we will send you a Consultation Letter, containing information on the prescription written, dosage recommended, and duration of use. Kesara Wellness network works collaboratively with you to ensure the patient receives the best comprehensive care possible.

How much does my patient have to pay for an appointment?

There is no fee to see a physician for a cannabinoid therapy consult in our network, although we do require a referral from a family physician or specialist.

With their initial visit your patient will receive a consultation with a physician, as well as a free introductory education session with one of our trained  educators.

Patients should never pay for a Medical Authorization document for medical cannabis.

How can I learn more about medical cannabis?

Kesara Wellness clinics network is dedicated to educating its patients and referring physicians regarding the field of prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis. The clinics host educational seminars on a variety of topics to help educate and inform patients, physicians and the community at large about this emerging field. Topics include chronic pain management, palliative care, offsetting side-effects of other drugs, regulatory framework of medical marijuana, proper administration of medical cannabis, addiction information, etc.

You can also access various cannabis courses, including Cannabis 101 and Patient Education through FoliEdge Academy, our cannabis education partner. 

You can find additional Information on the following sites: