New Patients

Please follow these steps to become a medical cannabis patient:

1. Ask your doctor to refer you to a clinic

If you believe prescription cannabinoids or medical cannabis may help you, talk to your doctor about obtaining a referral our clinic.
Please Use Patient Referral Forms for Physicians & Healthcare Providers

2. We will book your consultation appointment with a clinic

Once we receive your referral, our Intake Team will call you to book your appointment. Please allow between 60 and 90 minutes for your initial appointment.
For your first visit, please bring the following:
- A valid health card
- A pharmacy report of all current and past medications
- Any additional documentation that would help the physician with a medical history

3. Consultation Appointment

During your first appointment, you will have an initial medical examination to assess your needs and suitability for medical cannabis use. If deemed appropriate, the doctor will provide a medical document authorizing the use of medical cannabis.

4. Choose and Register with a Licensed Producer

Our Patient Educators will discuss different product options that are most appropriate for your symptoms and condition, and help you select a Licensed Producer (LP). Our Educators can also register you with an LP and help place your initial order.

5. We will follow up with you

Through regular follow ups with you and healthcare provider, we ensure that the course of treatment continues and provide you with a Patient Hotline to assist you as well.
Patient Hotline number 1-844-456-1515.

For more information about the medical cannabis and the registration process, please go to Patient FAQ