4 Ways to join

We believe in evidence-based applications of medical cannabis for qualified patients. We support the advancement of knowledge and are passionate about supporting academics, physicians and interested healthcare professionals in their scientific pursuits.

There are many ways healthcare professionals can further develop their knowledge of medical cannabis and learn when and where to incorporate cannabinoid therapy into safe and effective patient treatment plans.

1. Learn More About Medical Cannabis

Contact us to request access to Cannabis 101 and the course for Referring Physicians offered by FoliEdge Academy

2. Identify Opportunities & Refer Patients

Leverage the resources and information available here to help consistently identify opportunities to refer patients and incorporate cannabinoid therapy into a comprehensive patient treatment plan.

3. Join Our Clinic Network

Interested in making a real difference in patient’s lives through medical cannabis?  Join our clinic network, receive your medical cannabis training, participate in ongoing collaboration and see patients seeking to  incorporate cannabinoid therapy into their treatment plans.

4. Bring Cannabinoid Therapy to Your Practice

Don’t have the extra hours to commit to working in our clinic?  Work with us to complete your medical cannabis training and incorporate a medical cannabis clinic within your own practice.